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Our activities are based on direct export from spirits-beverages produces across Europe.
In addition to trade under Duty bonds terms across Europe mainly from Benelux where a tailor-made alcohol products portfolio order can be prepared and shipped.
Our trade terms are strictly based on wholesaler bases we don't deal with retailers. Furthermore, the trade is possible only to parties with certain alcohol license and duty bond accounts.
From Benelux we can deliver to other EU Duty Bonds with radius 400 km example in France or Germany.

We are specialists in:
• Vodkas made of grain, rye, potatoes
• Beers
• Wines from France, Spain, Italy
• Cognacs & brandies
• Whiskey
• Gin
• Rum
• Honey wines

Quality of our service it's the main foundation and matters most to our company.
Europe & Asia is our strategic goal to address our offers to selected professional companies from the alcoholic beverages sector. Our experience & expertise can be very rewarding for increase of trade and options to open new markets for our partners. Contact us to discuss details of your requirements. Each case will be dealt on an individual basis with the most care.
Professional service is guaranteed. We will deal only to email enquiry with your full company details which is part of our trade terms initial procedures.

Taste & Enjoy our portfolio.

What we say:

Whisky for Great Britain
Cognacs, Champagnes for France
Bourbon for United States
Sake for Japan
Ouzo for Greece
Grappa for Italy
There is no question about it
However about Vodka we say : The best Vodka is only from Poland This is our heritage national drink The jewel in the crown
Taste and Enjoy

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